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49° North Pizza, Waterton, AB

About Us

Waterton Lakes National Park is a special spot, and we've been lucky enough to call it home our entire lives. Not only is it a Canadian National Park; it's also a World Biosphere Reserve; a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and along with Glacier National Park to the south, its part of the world's first international Peace Park. At 49° North, Nature has no boundaries... and the pizza is unparalleled!

We area a local restaurant dedicated to serving quality food and beverage in a relaxing and educational environment. At 49° North Pizza we spend almost all of our free time in the great outdoors, climbing mountain peaks, swimming in glacier fed lakes and connecting with nature. So while you're being inspired by the natural beauty and spending time with loved one's, we want to do our part by helping meet some of your basic needs.

Sit back, enjoy gourmet pizza with fresh ingredients, local craft beer and get all the need-to-know information about the area. Our dough is homemade daily to give you a quality pizza, select your favorite toppings, sauces, and crust size and taste the difference in our stone-deck fired pizzas.

The management team at 49° North Pizza are young, vibrant, hospitality oriented outdoor enthusiasts. The business is new, but our values are age-old. Nature is something to be enjoyed and appreciated, but it is also our home and requires all of our combined stewardship, and care. We also believe that in life it doesn't necessarily matter what you're doing, nearly as much as how you're doing it. Whether it's climbing to a mountain summit with your partner, strolling through the woods by yourself, or sitting on the lakeshore with your friends and family, find your peace. And then come enjoy a slice of ours!

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